Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multimedia and stuff...

HEY GUYS! So I found this site that may or may not help with writer's block. I really hope some of you will try it and comment about how effective it is. I'm going to try it, as I am currently stuck, as I always am, on chapter FIVE of all of the books that I'm writing...sad huh? So anyway, this will hopefully help and I'll get back to you on it. http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Over-Writer's-Block .................................. Ok! So new topic. I'm back at my aunt's house babysitting the two CUTEST little girls EVER. They are so adorable. So we go see movies all the time, and we just saw AVENGERS, first time for them, second time for meXD. I started wondering things about my movie choices...are they random? Weird? Abnormal? Am I the ONLY one that feels this way? I must not be, right? So I pose this question to you...what are your top 10 movies, they can be individual or from a series or whatever, and top 5 movie series? Here are mine: 1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban 2. Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone 3. The Avengers 4. Grown Ups 5. School of Rock 6. This Means War 7. The Lion King 8. Grease 9. Too Fast and Too Furious 10. Howl's Moving Castle ............ 1. Harry Potter series 2. Marvel Avengers series (Iron Man(s), Hulk, Thor, Cap. A, Avengers) 3. Fast and Furious 4. Shrek 5. Pirates of the Caribean (please excuse any and all typos and/or misspellings) .................................... Ok, so last one: I've not really been obsessed with anything on Youtube. Until now! So my friends found this guy on Youtube, hilarious videos, and he's so adorably awkward:) Maybe you've heard of him? Christian Novelli? Anyway, his videos are awesome, very funny and inspirational and all that kind of stuff:) You should totally check it out. So that's all for today. Blog ya next week! -V:[ (btw, I'm totally over Twilight now, but I'm still going to see it and you can read all about that in November)

Friday, September 23, 2011


HEY!!! If you're in my project group, this post is for you. Comment please!

OK! So on here will be a list of possible songs, we're going to add the songs, then eventually subtract the unnecessary ones.
I'll start with the one's I have, comment yours below.















Comment your tops. Then do another comment cutting off five...except for Krystal...she only has five.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Twilight animoto


I made this book trailer of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer...'cause I was bored.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Young Authors on Inkpop (books)

inkpop.com is a community for young authors to come and share their work...I have come upon a few VERY talented young authors and would like to share their work on my blog...

I read a book called Winter Child by isabella2296.
Here's what it's about:

Not far into the future, the world is frightening. Being different is dangerous, and no one is more different than Jayme. Sarcasm included.

In a world where parents are selected, favorable genes are chosen, and babies are concocted in labs, Jayme – the result of a short-lived affair – is born. She is forced to spend her life in hiding, stuck in a single room of her mother's husband's luxurious mansion, where she has anything but the dream life: or so she thinks. When the fifteen-year-old receives a tempting but disturbing message from “the man who has all her answers”, she steps out of the house for the first time, and is instantly launched into a high-action and somewhat sarcastic adventure.

here's my comment:

* I've read a lot of books in my life, probobly more than the average 13 year old. Books by authors around 20-50 years old, with some serious skill. But, man, you have them BEAT!!! And your, what, 13?!? This book is the best thing I have read in my LIFE!!! You have the qualities and maturities most professional authors don't accieve untill their mid-to-late 20's. I honestly believe that you will be the next big thing in the world of litterature. Keep on writing!

I have recently read a book called Evermore by DarkRaven 13.
Here's what it's about:

Have you ever felt you were not where you belong?
Lynn is an 18 year old girl bound for the adventure of her life. In the past few months she has been having strange dreams and visions of things she does not remember. It is the last day of school and she is given tickets to a circus, a circus where she meets old friends she has long forgotten. In another realm another old "friend" is getting ready to come and find her and finish what he had started 18 years ago.

Here are my comments:

* I love the book so far...one of the best on the site in my opinion...I think that you should think about a title change, because evermore is already a title of a popular book series. I so can't wait until this is done...send dme a message when you get another chapter up!!!
oh, and you have a few gramatical errors, but don't we all!


* I love the way that the prolouge is written, I love the way that Lynn knows that she is from there and recognises the people and situations when she comes in contact with them. I think that you are a beautiful author and the book is shaping itself to be, probobly one of the best books ever!
I also like how it isn't just another story about a human finding itself mixed up with other beings, it's differant and I LOVE it!!!
I'm giving it the best praise possible by saying that it is WAWESOME!!! That's a word I made up myself...

I have read a realy good book called Second Time Around by blueview
Here's what it's about:

Who said an embarrassing moment goes away after three years?
Avery McAdams has been in love with Kellan Everett ever since they first met in second grade. All of the Everetts seem to know this, except one.
At the age of thirteen, Avery finally musters up the courage to tell Kellan about her crush...and makes a complete fool of herself. He then moves away the next week, leaving her and the embarrassing incident behind. Three years later, the Everetts are back and are ready to take Avery on another wild love ride.

Here's my comment:

* This is AMAZING!!! You are a really talented author and I enjoyed your writing!!!

So if you're a teen who:
-is in need of a good read
-like's to write

Then check out inkpop.com and these books.

here are the links to the books:
* Winter Child by isabella2296

* Second Time Around

that's it for now!

(see the comments for the link to Evermore by DarkRaven 13)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey world!!!
So...Saturday, my aunt and ADORABLE little cousins picked me up and took me to Jupiter, my current blogging location, and I'm staying here for 6 weeks. And if you're thinking Jupiter, the planet, then you're wrong! She lives in Jupiter Florida.
-Well, Victoria...why are you there?
you may ask
-because I'm ging to babysit my adorable little cousins for 10 bucks an hour!!! That's why!
is what I might answer

I don't just get to babysit, but while I'm there, I get to spend some time with my aunt that I rarely see-Tita Lolli-Pop-and get to do stuff like go to dinner, or to my little cousin's friend's birthday party-which by the way, was better than a lot of the parties that I've been to, and she's now like...5/6!-or watching AVATAR!!! I swear, I'm becoming strangely addicted to that!!!

So anyway, lots of fun, get to do some arts-and-crafts with the little cousins, and get to hang out with my Tita Lolli-Pop!

Hope your summers are going great!!! I know mine is!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hello people of the web!!! My friend Nikki A. has just become a follower! And I'm sorry, again, that I haven't been on to post. School has been a b!%(#. And you think that the last weeks would be easy.

So on to bigger and better news...
I've started a journal, it's called in my head, and it's all about my life, how I think the world should be, and the exiting scenes that go down in my head. I also put quotes and small poems for personal touches. I would recommend that you start one too. I'm trying to get Nikki and Breanne U.(B) to start one, B's looking for her empty notebook to start, but thinks that her mom will read it and that would not be good. The best notebooks to use would be composition notebooks and spirals because they're easy to carry around and use. But if you're going to make one, please, if you could, think of an original title, one that has your personal touches. I chose In My Head because I do a lot of thinking in my head.

Have fun and enjoy your summer!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

For all of you who had a great spring break...I envy you!!! Mine stinked!!! I had to do a whole project, start another, and think of a topic of science fair. I think my highlights of spring break were my brothers' wrestling matches (my baby brother won his first matches and I'm so happy and have been bragging non-stop!), and going to the Green Cove spring. It looked SO cool! The water was cool to the touch (only the tips of the fingers are aloud) and was EXTREMELY deep. You could see 20 feet down. Did you know that natural spring water is cleaner than the water that we use daily. Cool huh? The pool FINALLY opened and I have been lazying around there this week. It went from jackets and long sleves last month to tanktops and shorts st the pool! So I sincerely hope that you have had a good spring break and are ready for school to start back up (heaven knows I'm not) because it's going to get really hard and jam packed...and then it'll be over, and we will peacefully glide into summer's warm ebrace.