Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multimedia and stuff...

HEY GUYS! So I found this site that may or may not help with writer's block. I really hope some of you will try it and comment about how effective it is. I'm going to try it, as I am currently stuck, as I always am, on chapter FIVE of all of the books that I'm writing...sad huh? So anyway, this will hopefully help and I'll get back to you on it. http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Over-Writer's-Block .................................. Ok! So new topic. I'm back at my aunt's house babysitting the two CUTEST little girls EVER. They are so adorable. So we go see movies all the time, and we just saw AVENGERS, first time for them, second time for meXD. I started wondering things about my movie choices...are they random? Weird? Abnormal? Am I the ONLY one that feels this way? I must not be, right? So I pose this question to you...what are your top 10 movies, they can be individual or from a series or whatever, and top 5 movie series? Here are mine: 1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban 2. Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone 3. The Avengers 4. Grown Ups 5. School of Rock 6. This Means War 7. The Lion King 8. Grease 9. Too Fast and Too Furious 10. Howl's Moving Castle ............ 1. Harry Potter series 2. Marvel Avengers series (Iron Man(s), Hulk, Thor, Cap. A, Avengers) 3. Fast and Furious 4. Shrek 5. Pirates of the Caribean (please excuse any and all typos and/or misspellings) .................................... Ok, so last one: I've not really been obsessed with anything on Youtube. Until now! So my friends found this guy on Youtube, hilarious videos, and he's so adorably awkward:) Maybe you've heard of him? Christian Novelli? Anyway, his videos are awesome, very funny and inspirational and all that kind of stuff:) You should totally check it out. So that's all for today. Blog ya next week! -V:[ (btw, I'm totally over Twilight now, but I'm still going to see it and you can read all about that in November)

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