Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Boy Next Door Chapter 1

Hey guys. For those of you who know me from school, this is the story I wrote in the black note book. For those of you who know me not from school but from, lets say family, then this is my first ever story I've posted. This is the edited version, possibly the final copy (when I say edited, that doesn't mean spell checked)-enjoy!!!

The Boy next Door

Chapter 1

I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head. Self concious much? Yeah. He stares at me constantly everyday, in all the classes we have together. It's been that way ever since he got here last Friday. It's Thursday now. I don't see how he keeps up with his school work, but he still has perfect scores. The weird thing is, he doesn't even talk to me. He hardly talkes at all, and when he does, it's only when a teacher makes him. And he never caught staring at me. He looks at me with awe, wonder, and confusion. How do I know this? I see it in his eyes and on his face. How have I seen that? I've caught glances of his face in peoples glasses, phones, ect. And It's hard to look away.I know I shouldn't, but I look back a little anyway and catch his eyes. All the wonder and confusion leaves his searching eyes, and only awe is left. He holds my gaze firmly. I try to break hishold and fail. I have lost my hold on the world. My brain clouds and all I can see is him, his eyes. His magnificent brown eyes with the slitest hint of gold to them.

"Jenna! What are you doing turned around in your seat? You should be facing the board paying attention!" Mr. King demanded, startling us both out of our stare.

"Sorry," I mumble embarrased at all the attention. I turned back to my seat. We both had to back up a bit to do so, I hadn't noticed we were getting closer. I kept my eyes locked on my hands, which were in loose fists on my desk.

"Well don't let it happen again, understand?"

"Yes sir," I mumble, embarrased still, eyes on hands. He turned back to the board and continued his lesson. All I could think about was HIS eyes, and how he held my gaze His beautiful gold-tinted-brown eyes.

I felt his gaze again on the back of my head, but I felt it move. I felt it going down my neck, to my shoulders, as low as he could go down my back, and back up again. I felt it repeat it several times. The same pattern- head, neck, shoulders, back, back, shoulders, neck, head.It's like he's analyzing my body. I was concentrating so hard on his moving gaze that when the bell rang, I nearly jumped a foot in my seat. I heard him chuckle quietly behing me. Normaly I'm the last to leave class. But when I turned around to go home, he was waiting for me. His slender, muscular body tight but lounging against the door frame blocking my path.

" Hi," he said, his voice hard yet gentle, making my heart race. What's wrong with me? "My name's Demitri. Sorry I've not introduced my self."

"Tha-that's ok" I stammered. "My name's Jenazi-Marie, but everybody calls me Jenny."

"That's a cool name," He said. A smile lighting his face.

"Thanks. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I gotta get home."

"Oh, ok. Nice to meet you."

"You too," As I brush past him on my way out our bare arms touch and I feel his skin. It's warm and soft, with a rough edge. I nearly gasp, and blush. I think about it on my way home.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

*Somer Thompson*

This blog post in dedicated to Somer Thompson. May she rest in peace. May all her suffering be over, and her family's too. May she be better-off where she is and be peaceful. Let her know that a lot of people care about her. Let her be happy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*First Post*

Hey!!! Welcome to Toria's Bolg Spot!!! This is a place where kids can release all that pressure of being a kid and have fun. Create and read posts about daily life. Have fun!!!