Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

For all of you who had a great spring break...I envy you!!! Mine stinked!!! I had to do a whole project, start another, and think of a topic of science fair. I think my highlights of spring break were my brothers' wrestling matches (my baby brother won his first matches and I'm so happy and have been bragging non-stop!), and going to the Green Cove spring. It looked SO cool! The water was cool to the touch (only the tips of the fingers are aloud) and was EXTREMELY deep. You could see 20 feet down. Did you know that natural spring water is cleaner than the water that we use daily. Cool huh? The pool FINALLY opened and I have been lazying around there this week. It went from jackets and long sleves last month to tanktops and shorts st the pool! So I sincerely hope that you have had a good spring break and are ready for school to start back up (heaven knows I'm not) because it's going to get really hard and jam packed...and then it'll be over, and we will peacefully glide into summer's warm ebrace.

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