Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey world!!!
So...Saturday, my aunt and ADORABLE little cousins picked me up and took me to Jupiter, my current blogging location, and I'm staying here for 6 weeks. And if you're thinking Jupiter, the planet, then you're wrong! She lives in Jupiter Florida.
-Well, Victoria...why are you there?
you may ask
-because I'm ging to babysit my adorable little cousins for 10 bucks an hour!!! That's why!
is what I might answer

I don't just get to babysit, but while I'm there, I get to spend some time with my aunt that I rarely see-Tita Lolli-Pop-and get to do stuff like go to dinner, or to my little cousin's friend's birthday party-which by the way, was better than a lot of the parties that I've been to, and she's now like...5/6!-or watching AVATAR!!! I swear, I'm becoming strangely addicted to that!!!

So anyway, lots of fun, get to do some arts-and-crafts with the little cousins, and get to hang out with my Tita Lolli-Pop!

Hope your summers are going great!!! I know mine is!

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